Family sport challenge

The world has been in lockdown due to the covid19 pandemic, during all this, Sonia’s Family have been doing weekly online video conferencing… and each week they have been issueing challenges.

This week we did a sport challenge, so we decided to climb Mt Kau Kau every day. We took a quick video at the top each day and this is the result.

If you look closely, you can see that even though we all climbed up a couple of times, only Claire did it every day.

Masterton music camp

We went to Suzuki camp again in Masterton. All 3 kids played in front of an audience by themselves and in ensembles. Lots of fun!

Claire's writing


His thick greyish white hair flings itself around like a train in a hurry that has people just about to fall of the carriage, clinging on with all their might. His voice could make friends easily with his friendly tinge. When I cuddle him it makes me feel secure. He smells like the g's (the Giles's and the Gregan's.)

He likes gardening in his separate special garden with concrete around it to stop the dirt coming out. He is kind and gives us lollies and lets us watch tv. His kindness lets him give us lunch like pizza, 2 minute noodles or just bread with yummy toppings.

I'm always excited to go to his house. He makes me feel cared for and loved. I feel happy.

He has 2 extra bedrooms with a friendly coldness. The wooden table is strong like an elephant.



Tramping with the boys

Boys by the river

I took Alister and Billy tramping with Dan and his girls over Queens Birthday weekend. We went into the Orongorongos.

It was a pretty easy walk which is supposed to take less than two hours, but it took us three. That is fair enough considering the age of the children.

Everyone had a pretty good time, but: * Alister fell off the bunk in the hut and hurt his toe * Billy fell into the river

Billy ended up cold, and Alister limped all the way home. I didn't give him a lot of sympathy, so I felt quite guilty when the bruising came out after we got home. A quick trip to the doctor reassured us that it wasn't broken, so we can count it as a sucessful trip.

Piano Competition


For a long time Alister has been wanting a chance to win something - Claire gets quite a lot of oppurtunity with her dancing, but he hasn't really had much of a chance.

So when Mum wanted to enter him into a "competitions society" music competition in Gisborne, we thought it would be a great idea.

He entered 3 categories in the under 10 years age group, a total of about 5 minutes playing time (and 2 days driving time). We had no idea what standard the other kids would be playing at - and some of them would be a year older than him...

The competition lasted several days, we watched quite a bit of the other stuff that was going on, and gradually over a period of several days...

...HE WON ALL 3 CATEGORIES. It was very exciting!